At Optix we have a unique, open and honest approach to our fees.
There are no hidden charges, and no additional modules to pay for.

Straight forward and great value

There are no initial software fees with Optix. We charge a simple monthly rental which includes the complete system together with all future software updates and enhancements. Full ongoing support is also provided within your rental.

The cost is based purely on the number of practices in which you use Optix. You may run Optix on as many computers as you wish within the practice and there is only a nominal £5 per month charge for access from home or for mobile users.

Your rental also includes unlimited Postcode look ups, and emails sent through Optix. SMS messages are charged at 10p each.


Software Rental

First two sites                    £309 per month each
Subsequent branches         £242 per month each


New Start-ups

For newly opened start-up practices we offer a 50%
discount on your first 12 months software rental.

All prices are subject to VAT.